Sewer Line Inspections



The purpose of a sewer scope inspection is to determine the condition of the property's sewer line and to determine if the system is functioning as designed.  This inspection provides another way to protect you from costly repairs.  The sewer system is one of the most important aspects of a home and can be costly to repair.

Sewer scope inspections have become a standard component of the pre-purchase inspection period.  A standard scope inspection for a single family residence takes approximately one hour to complete and costs $150-$200 in the Denver Metro area.

As these inspections become more prevalent in our market it becomes essential for every home buyer to know the condition of their sewer line.  I anticipate that in the next few years almost every home sold will have their sewer line inspected with this technology. This means that if you don’t get one when you purchase the home now, most likely when you go to sell there will be one done. The seller may be responsible for any repairs or problems found even if they were preexisting prior to their purchase of the property.  Protect yourself by having a Video Sewer Line Inspection!

Our Methods

The inspector will insert a video camera into the sewer line through the sewer clean out. The clean out may be located in the basement, crawlspace or outside where the sewer line exits or on the roof of the home. If problems with the line are found, the inspector is able to determine the approximate location and depth of the trouble area. Common sewer line problems are root intrusion, holes, pooling, cracks, and pipe separation. A functioning sewer line may have problems that do not currently affect the performance of the line. However, these problems may cause a future sewer backup leading to an unexpected emergency line repair or replacement.

Our Report

When the inspection is complete, you will receive a PDF written report with photos, descriptions, and details of any issues found, recommendations and be given a link to the video sewer scope inspection.  

We know that real estate transactions are time sensitive.  If service or repair is recommended, the report will include as much detail as possible for a contractor to provide further evaluation and repair recommendations without the need to schedule an onsite visit .

Our Equipment

Spartan Traveler

  • Resolution: 640x480 and 200' Cable
  • Telestrator technology allows you to highlight any problem with the touch of a finger
  • Sapphire glass lens reduces scratching
  • Water proof, self-leveling camera head
  • 512 Hz locating beacon
  • Freeze-frame snapshot capability at any time

Ridgid SR-20 Locator