Home Energy Inspection


Home Energy Inspection


It takes a lot of energy to heat, cool, and operate a home. Most home buyers have no idea how much it will cost them to operate their home once they move in. Current homeowners do not fully understand how much energy and, therefore, money is being wasted by their home. And if they did understand, neither home buyers nor homeowners would know what to do about it.
The Home Energy Report will give the home buyer a quick understanding of:

  • How much the home will cost to operate (once you move in)
  • Where energy (and, therefore, money) is being wasted in the home
  • what can be done to save energy and increase comfort after they move in.

The Inspection.


To produce a Home Energy Report™, the inspector will collect over 40 data points related to home energy, including:

  • number and age of new occupants;
  • local energy prices;
  • building design and orientation;
  • light bulbs, number and type;
  • insulation R-value at the foundation, ceiling and walls;
  • air tightness and air leakage rates;
  • skylights and window types and sizes;
  • appliances and equipment, size, age, capacities and efficiencies; and
  • heating, cooing and water heating data.
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